Interview (& Giveaway): KC Klein, author of Dark Future

I’m thrilled to have KC Klein on the blog today! KC is the author of Dark Future, a sci-fi/urban fantasy romance. She’s also giving away an e-copy of her book, so be sure to check out the giveaway details at the bottom of the post!

Please welcome KC to the blog!

-First, Kristin, I want to say thank you for letting me come on your blog and giving me the opportunity to talk to people about my passion—writing. My debut novel, DARK FUTURE, is somewhere between a sci-fi and an urban fantasy romance. It’s fun, it’s sexy, and in case you couldn’t figure out by the title, it’s DARK. I would LOOOVVVEEE to give one e-book away. So I will make it super easy, just leave a comment along with your email for your chance to win.

KC, it says in your online bio that you became serious about writing about three years ago. Can you tell us a bit about your journey?
Sure, I would love to. I think almost every writer knows that they want to write at a young age, and I was no exception. But knowing you want to be a writer and actually getting a book written and published are two very different things. About three years ago, I came to crossroads in my life. I was scared at the thought trying to write and failing, and I was also terrified of never trying in the first place. The fear of never trying finally out grew the fear of failure, and so I joined RWA and haven’t looked back since.

Dark Future, your brand new novel, is a sci-fi, time travel tale. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
I don’t think I can do it any better than the book blurb, so here it is:
Book Blurb
Awakened in the middle of the night by a future version of herself, Kris Davenport is given a mission: go forward in time to save the world—and His life. Of course, her future self doesn’t tell her who he is, just sends her into an abyss and straight into an alien invasion.
He turns out to be ConRad Smith, the callous, untrusting Commander of Earth’s army and the world’s last defense. There’s only one way to know for sure if this strange woman is an alien spy—slice her throat. Except, he didn’t anticipate the heat he would feel as he interrogates the hot-tempered, warm-blooded woman. For a man whose sole focus has been survival, she’s more temptation than he can handle. But a world on the brink of destruction leaves no room for love…and time is running out.

What made you decide to write sci-fi for your first novel, as opposed to other genres?
I started DARK FUTURE over ten years ago. Back then paranormal romance was not what it is today, and I was looking for a grittier, darker romance than what I was currently reading. I couldn’t find what I wanted on the bookshelves, so I thought, heck, I’ll write what I want to read. The only place where my hero could exist, and not be thought of as a total jerk, was an alternate, dystopian world. So that was how DARK FUTURE came about.

What is one of your most unusual writing quirks?
I’ve written my first three books long hand. I get a new spiral notebook for each new novel and write my story longhand and then transferring it into the computer. I now have to learn to write faster, so I’m trying to skip that step, but there are times I just need to write the scene out with old fashioned paper and pen.

What are some of your biggest literary influences?
Hmm…that’s tough. I would probably have to say, Janet Evanovich, Karen Marie Moning, Diana Gabaldon, and Suzanne Brockmann.

What’s on your nightstand right now?
The third book in the Game of Throne series by George Martin and a historical romance by Madeline Hunter.

When you’re not writing, how do you like to spend your free time?
What free time? I do love to work out. Right now, my schedule is a kickboxing class six days a week and some short runs on the weekends. (I’m crazy, I know.)

Is there any news of upcoming projects or events that you’d like to share?
YES! I am so excited about my next project. I’m in a sci-fi, bodice ripper, anthology (if there is such a thing), with two other awesome writers, Erin Kellison and Jessa Slade. We’re all really enthusiastic about this project because we decided to just have a great time with the stories. So far it has been really fun, and I can’t wait to get the book into the hands of the readers to see what they think.

Thanks again for having me. And remember leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of DARK FUTURE.
I am always happy about anything that pulls me away from housework so if any readers want to talk to me they can always find me on Twitter, Facebook,and my website.

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“Mmm, you taste human. Like salt or more like … warm sunshine?” He pinned me with his gaze. His eyes spoke a primal language. Desire warred with anger; need against punishment.
I looked away. Embarrassed. Violated. His body crushed mine, suffocating in its nearness. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even breathe without crushing my breasts against him. I always considered myself strong and physically fit, but he subdued me with barely any effort. Heart racing, I panicked.
The feeling of no control would break me—complete powerlessness always did. I used whatever weapon was available; whatever maneuvers would give me a fighting chance. This was no different. I turned my head, opened my mouth against his neck, and … sunk my teeth in.
He cursed. Grabbed hold of my shirt, picked me up, and slammed me back against the wall.
A painful whoosh came from my lungs. My vision rocked—brain swished inside my skull.
“You bit me.” He sounded shocked.
My head hurt so bad I had to blink hard to keep my eyes in their sockets. “You licked me,” I shouted back.
He assessed me, aqua blue eyes hooded with thick, long eyelashes, for what seemed like an eternity. “I will ask you one more time. Who are you?”
“I’ve told you everything.” My voice sounded desperate, tired, even to me. “I went running and fell into the dark … I’m a doctor at a hospital. If you don’t believe me, just call them. I’ve worked there for years.”
He stood still, his body hard against mine, creating an insurmountable barrier. His face so close I could see his pupils enlarge, almost hiding the hard blue of his irises. The rage in him lived and breathed. One hand ran along my scalp in a mock caress, grabbed hold of my hair and pulled.
“Liar,” his voice barely a whisper, the knife was back … shaking at my very exposed, very vulnerable artery. “There hasn’t been a hospital anywhere on Earth since the year 2075.” And in one efficient movement, he drew the knife across my throat.

About KC Klein:
KC Klein is the author of Dark Future, a sexy futuristic time-travel. She became serious about writing three years ago and was as surprised as anyone when her stories took a turn toward dark and snarky. Today, she divides her time between taking care of her family and driving in circles around Arizona, too busy creating stories in her head to pay attention to mere road signs. KC would love a visit at


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