Review: Visions of Skyfire (Awakening #2) by Regan Hastings

Visions of Skyfire (Awakening #2) by Regan Hastings
 Signet Eclipse (Penguin/Sept 2011)
Source: From publisher for review
Paranormal romance
Awakening series
3.5/5 Hats

Teresa Santiago has awakened her abilities to summon lightning but is unable to control her power-or her attraction to Rune, her Eternal protector and destined partner. Now, Teresa and Rune must locate a missing artifact of unimaginable power before it unleashes the forces of darkness on the world. But with enemies both mortal and magical on their trail, Teresa and Rune discover that only through sacrifice will love conquer all…

A very long time ago, the sun god Belan created the Eternals to be partners for the witches created by his lover, Danu. Eventually, consumed by power, the most powerful witches performed a ceremony using an Artifact that nearly unleashed a demon horde upon the earth. After the witches were nearly destroyed by their greed and lust for power, they shattered the Artifact, then they each took a piece and hid it somewhere in the world. They then sentenced themselves to 800 years of atonement, after which there would be an Awakening of power in each of the witches, and also joining with their Eternals to find their piece of the Artifact and put right what went so wrong.

The Awakenings began with Shea in Visions of Magic and I really fell in love with the lore of the witches and their Eternals. Visions of Skyfire is Teresa Santiago’s story, and she’s a bit different from Shea. She’s always known she has power, having been taught by her abuela from an early age. She also knows about her Eternal, so when Rune shows up to save her from the Magic Police, she’s not so much surprised as relieved. About the Magic Police: they’re pretty nasty, rounding up witches and putting them in prison camps. One of their foot soldiers with a personal vendetta played a role in Visions of Magic and also shows up again here, determined to kill any witch he can get his hands on. I had a great time following Rune and Teresa through Mexico as he teaches her to fight using her hands and her magic. Then there’s the Mating (it’s exactly what it sounds like) to bring both of them fully into their powers, and also bind them for eternity. Rune’s having some trust issues however, since in each of Teresa’s incarnations (in the past 800 years), she’s been less than forthcoming with him and a little more power hungry than she should be. Visions of Skyfire has plenty of passion (strictly adult here, folks), magic, and action, and will not only appeal to Paranormal Romance fans but also to Urban Fantasy fans. Teresa is a pragmatic and tough witch, and it’s her strength that really carries the novel. I also really love the idea of having an Eternal (yep, it’s the romantic in me coming out-don’t tell anyone.) The Awakening series is magical, fun and passionate, and not to be missed!

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  1. This sounds great. I am yet to start this, but it has been on the wishlist. I love the covers and I love a good witch story. This sounds very sexy and fun. Thank you hon for the great review 🙂

  2. Magical Fun and Passionate… I think it sounds like a series I need. 🙂 Thank you! I love magic. Sounds wonderful. 🙂

  3. It’s really a fun serious! I’d recommend it to any paranormal/urban fantasy fans.

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