Suspense Sunday Review: Spider Bones (Tempe Brennan #13) by Kathy Reichs

spiderbonesSpider Bones by Kathy Reichs-I’ve been a fan of this series for a while now, and was so excited when Spider Bones hit the shelves! This one starts off rather luridly (fascinatingly so), with a body being discovered submerged in water, wrapped in plastic, with a rock tied to his ankle. Turns out it’s a weird sexual practice gone wrong, and kicks off a case that will turn Tempe Brennan in circles, and take her all the way to Hawaii for an investigation into missing Vietnam vets and Hawaiian gangs. On the personal front, she’s been on the outs with Detective Andrew Ryan for awhile, after he abandoned her to get back with the mother of his teenaged duaghter, who’s also a heroin addict. Ryan isn’t involved with her anymore, and is looking to get back in Tempe’s good graces, but she’s not so sure she’s ready for that. In Hawaii, she finds herself not only embroiled in a labyrinthine investigation, but also playing host to her 24 year old daughter, who’s recently suffered a loss, Andrew Ryan and his daughter (and the two girls do not get along.)

Tempe is her usual dry witted self, and I always enjoy her narration. These books are always fascinating, and this one didn’t fail on that front either. If DNA interests you, you’ll be riveted, and it was a thrill to see how all of the pieces fit together in the end. Kathy Reichs always throws some nice twists in, and manages to seamlessly weave Tempe’s personal life in with the riveting cases she manages to get involved in. If you like Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta series, you’ll love this series as well!

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