Review: Waking the Witch (Otherworld) by Kelley Armstrong

wakingthewitchWaking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong-I’ve always enjoyed the Otherworld series, and Waking the Witch was no exception. If you’re not familiar with the series, Savannah is the daughter of Eve (who’s story you can read in Haunted ), and a Cabal sorcerer, and was raised from teenhood by Paige and Lucas. Now 21, she’s eager to take on her first real case, and when Jesse, a PI (and half-demon), comes to ask for help on a triple homicide with occult overtones, Savannah is more than eager to get her feet wet. When she rides into the town of Columbus, Washington on her Triumph, she finds herself hip deep in small town secrets, evidence of occult practices, and of course, murder. She also teams up with the half-brother of one of the victims, Michael, who also happens to be a Dallas cop, investigating his sister’s murder. Sparks fly, and Savannah thinks that he just may be worth pursuing. Determined to prove that she can handle a case by herself, she sets out to investigate the death of the three girls, possibly at the hands of a mysterious commune (or cult, as the townspeople call it), and find out if magic really was involved in these murders. She also befriends the young daughter of one of the murdered women, who’s also doing some investigating of her own.

Savannah has transformed from a troublemaking teen into a strong, tough young woman, and I really enjoyed getting to know her. She expertly handles the police, who do their best to make her investigation as hard as possible, and proves to be a smart investigator, if a little wild at times. Ms. Armstrong is a pro, and her writing is always a pleasure, with storylines that flow, and are full of tension, twists and turns, intriguing characters that never fail to fascinate me, and mysteries that keep me turning the pages. I’ll look forward to continuing Savannah’s story in the next (and next to last), Otherworld book, Spell Bound!


  1. I love the Otherworld series. I haven’t read Waking teh Witch yet – it is sitting on my must read as soon as I can pile…along with a dozen others! 🙂

  2. I just finished Spell Bound!!! Loved it!!!

    You’ve got to read it so I can discuss it with someone… So many spoilers! LOL

    Lisa 🙂

  3. Oh yes. She is starting to stand on her own two feet here. I actually started the series with this book and just read Spell Bound last month. Great stuff! I went and purchased the first book. ;D Thanks for the great review.

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