New Releases: Week of August 8th, 2011

Happy Monday, gang! Be sure to check out the great new releases this week (most release 8/9)!

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Fantasy/Sci-fi/Horror:
The Twelfth Enchantment: A Novelby David Liss
The Magician King: A Novel by Lev Grossman
Henry VIII: Wolfman: A Novel by A.E. Morat
Machine Man by Max Barry

Young Adult:
The Margrave #4 (Relic Master) by Catherine Fisher
All You Desire (Eternal Ones) by Kirsten Miller

Becoming Marie Antoinette: A Novel by Juliet Grey
To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn by Sandra Byrd

Thirteen Million Dollar Pop: A Frank Behr Novel by David Levien
Darkness, My Old Friend: A Novel by Lisa Unger
The Lantern: A Novel by Deborah Lawrenson
Two for Sorrow: A New Mystery Featuring Josephine Tey by Nicola Upson
Wyatt by Garry Disher

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