Interview and Giveaway: Sandy Williams, author of The Shadow Reader

Happy Monday, gang! I’d like to kick off the Fall Into (Urban) Fantasy Event with the awesome Sandy Williams! Sandy’s here to talk about her upcoming novel, The Shadow Reader, and there’s also a copy up for grabs, so make sure to see the details at the end of the post. Don’t forget to click on the event button on the post or the sidebar to check out everything Vampire Book Club and I have got lined up for you over the next week!


Please welcome Sandy to the blog!


Sandy, you’ve got an MA in Library Science, which would seem to naturally lend itself to writing. Have you always been writing? When did you realize you’d like to try your hand at fiction?
I’ve been writing my whole life, but I never dreamed I could grow up and become a published author. Authors were celebrities, and I was just a girl making up stories. In fact, I’m not sure I would have ever tried to get published if it wasn’t for the internet. That’s how I learned that authors are real people, and that I, too, could write for a living. I researched the industry and wrote as much as I could while I pursued my MA in Library Science, my backup plan and standby dream job if the published author thing didn’t work out. I still work as a librarian on occasion, filling in for people when they’re sick or on vacation. I love being both a writer and a librarian!

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming urban fantasy, The Shadow Reader?
Sure! The book is about McKenzie Lewis, a human who is not only able to see the fae, but she can track them when they fissure (teleport) from one location to another. Shadow-reading is an extremely rare talent, and it’s an important one. McKenzie has been working for the Court for a decade, tracking down the rebels who want to overthrow the king, but now, one of those rebels has tracked down her. He’s determined to turn McKenzie against the Court. She’s determined to stay loyal and to escape the fae who’s causing a bloody civil war.

Are there already a certain number of books planned for the series, or will you just see where it takes you?
I don’t have a planned number of books for the series, but I love the world and the characters and wouldn’t mind hanging out with them for a few more books.

Who are some of your favorite authors or books?
Ooh, my favorite question! I constantly gush about Linnea Sinclair. She writes the perfect blend of science fiction and romance. Recently, I’ve become a huge fan of historical romance and Meredith Duran, Joanna Bourne, and Julia Quinn are my absolute favorites. For urban fantasy/paranormal, you can’t go wrong with Patricia Briggs, Ann Aguirre, Richelle Mead, and Kresley Cole. Oh, and I might add debut UF author, Jenn Bennett, to that list!

What’s on your nightstand right now?
Ha! EAT, SLEEP, POOP by Scott Cohen. I had twin boys in July and most of my reading these past couple of months has been baby oriented. I did, however, find time to read Jenn Bennett’s debut, KINDLING THE MOON. Loved it! Highly recommend!

If you could pack your bags and go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
London. In the last three years, my husband’s work sent him over there for months at a time and I hid in his suitcase and went with him! I absolutely love London and miss walking through the city. Plus, the last time we were there, our flat was right across the street from Windsor Castle (which isn’t in London, but close enough). That trip was great for my muse.

I imagine balancing taking care of the babies and writing is difficult. When you get a moment to yourself, how do you like to unwind?
A glass of wine (pinot grigio please!) and a Eurogame. I’m a huge fan of Dominion and Agricola.

Is there any other news of upcoming events or projects that you’d like to dish about?
I have my hands full with my boys right now, so every spare moment I have is dedicated to finishing up the sequel to The Shadow Reader. Next year, though, I’d like to find time to write an unrelated book – a science fiction romance, most likely – in addition to another book set in McKenzie’s world.
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1.Giveaway is for one galley copy of The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams (read it before anyone else!)
**Giveaway is now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone that entered!

About the book:
A Houston college student, McKenzie Lewis can track fae by reading the shadows they leave behind. For years she has been working for the fae King, tracking rebels who would claim the Realm. Her job isn’t her only secret. She’s in love with Kyol, the King’s sword-master-but human and fae relationships are forbidden. When McKenzie is captured by Aren, the fierce rebel leader, she learns that not everything is as she thought. And McKenzie must decide who to trust and where she stands in the face of a cataclysmic civil war.


  1. I love starting new series. I’ve added this one to my ever growing to be read pile. It sounds really good and I can’t wait to read it.


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  3. I can’t wait for this book to come out! I’ve thought it sounded great ever since I heard about it, but reading about how much Sandy loves London makes me love her even more! It’s my home town so don’t enter in me in the giveaway (I’m outside the US) plus I already have The Shadow Reader on pre-order!! Just wanted to say hi – and Windsor is a lovely area – if hilly! 🙂

  4. Great interview, and I can’t wait to read the book (regardless if I win the giveaway or not!).

  5. Very excited about the book cant wait for it to come out!

  6. Great interview, Sandy! Having read THE SHADOW READER, all I can say is, you’re going to want to own this book!

  7. This is the first I have heard of your books. Sounds great

  8. I can’t wait to read this book! It sounds like it may become a new favorite of mine =DDDDDDD

  9. Wow! This series sounds very interesting. Going on my TBR list. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Oh wow – the chance to discover a brilliantly talented author in the uf genre – I would soooooo love to follow a series from the beginning! I’m intrigued by what I’ve heard so far!

  11. I love when I see books that i know I would love to read.

  12. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! This sounds promising.

  13. I’ve heard about this author, I would love to read and review her novel. Thank you for the chance! The plot looks great, how did the author come up with it?

    • Glad you’re interested in The Shadow Reader! As for how I came up with it, I wanted to write a book about a girl who had to accept help from her enemy, and once I had the first chapter down, the book pretty much wrote itself. 🙂

  14. Thanks for the interview. I always like to find more urban fantasy reads, this sounds great!

  15. Sounds a little like the Fever books, only for YA…
    I’m a librarian, too. I’ve noticed that many librarians are Sci fi fans… not sure of the significance!

    • I’m dying to read the Fever books! I haven’t yet because I had a judge in a contest compare my first chapter to that series, and I was worried they might be TOO similar. I had a Very Wise Person (my mom!) read the first book, though, and she assured me they’re not too much alike. So I definitely need to add the Fever books to my TBR shelf!

      It’s nice to hear from a fellow librarian. Good luck in the contest!

  16. Awesome interview, Sandy! Your book sounds great, and I’m so glad that you got to become a celebrity author, like those you admired as a child 🙂 I can’t wait to read your book !!

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  22. Victoria Zumbrum

    Thanks for the giveaway. I can’t wait to read this new series.

  23. Ooh! This sounds like a really interesting book. The end of October seems so far away now… Thanks for doing the interview. I always like to hear about the story behind the story and the author’s favorite books. I have Kindling The Moon in my To-Be-Read pile, so I’m moving it to the top. : ) So many books to read and so little time…

  24. Sounds like the beginning of a great new series!!! I am always on the look-out for new (to me) authors! Thanks for the interview with Ms. Williams and the chance to enter!

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  31. Sandy, I have a question for you…Do you ever sleep? Twins & writing you must be made of tough stuff 🙂
    I’m looking forward to reading your book. Thanks for the giveaway. Enjoy your babies, they grow so fast 😉

  32. @Gail The twins went 4 1/2 hours between feedings last night! That’s an hour and a half longer than usual. Woohoo! I managed to get a total of 5 1/2 hours of sleep, so I’m feeling quite perky today. 🙂

  33. The Shadow Readers sounds fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading it. Love the sword on the cover, it’s awesome.

  34. It sounds like a great book. I always enjoy new series and authors.

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  37. Yessica Gonzalez Nayatzin

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