Suspense Sunday #25: Fatlands (Hannah Wolfe #1) by Sarah Dunant

Today’s feature title is: Fatlands (Hannah Wolf Mysteries #1) by Sarah Dunant

Synopsis (from

In Fatlands, private investigator Hannah Wolfe, who’s independent though not invincible, idealistic but definitely not naive, has taken on one of the less glamorous jobs in the security world — chaperoning teenage rebel Mattie Shepherd around London. But Mattie’s father is paying Hannah lots of money — more than the job is worth, it seems. Or perhaps not. The girl’s father is on the Animal Liberation Front’s hit list. But why? When violence explodes, tearing the family apart, this is what Hannah must discover. Her obsession with the truth nearly kills her, wrecking her private life and dragging her into a vortex of lies and betrayal.
  For these two there is no right, no wrong, no rules. 
  Only the truth…and terror.
My take: I love Sarah Dunant, and this first mystery blew me away. Hannah Wolfe is an interesting and brave heroine, and the twists and turns of this novel will keep you glued to the pages, until the shocking conclusion!

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