Suspense Sunday #22: Dreamworld by Jane Goldman

Every Sunday I feature a title from an often overlooked genre: Suspense!These are books I’ve read and highly recommend to anyone that loves agood mystery or crime story, sometimes with a little humor thrown in!

Today’s feature title is: Dreamworld by Jane Goldman

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

  When it comes to crime in Dreamworld, the sprawling Florida vacation resort might as well be never-never land. That’s because the bad things that happen there never reach the press. As an ambitious rookie cop on the community’s security force, twenty-five-year-old Sylvia Avery toes the company line, smoothing over disturbances that might tarnish the utopian image of Dreamworld and its hugely popular ImagiNation theme park. 
  But that flawless facade is shattered when a horrific murder-suicide takes place “on property.” Thrown into a company-sponsored cover-up, Avery discovers bizarre and disturbing experiments taking place at Dreamworld’s ultrasecret research center. Torn between her loyalty to her new boss — and lover — and a need to uncover the terrifying truth, Avery enters the dark and twisted world beneath Dreamworld’s picture-perfect surface. Now, in a place where fantasy rules and illusion is everything, Avery is about to come face-to-face with a cold and deadly reality.
  For these two there is no right, no wrong, no rules. 
  Only the truth…and terror.
My take: I read this book quite a while ago and remember it to be a really fun, quirky read. I’m a sucker for amusement park settings too! Unfortunately, this one is out of print, so it’s rather pricey from Amazon directly, but you can easily find used copies for sale at their marketplace., and the used store at Barnes and Noble.

Purchase Dreamworld:  Amazon| Barnes and Noble


  1. Who Is Afraid Of Miss Lovett? No, Mrs.Lovett...

    Hi! Kristin…
    Thanks, for sharing…It seems like a very interesting read or book.
    I plan to check the title out over there at or Barnes and Noble.
    deedee ;-D

  2. Offbeat Vagabond

    So interesting. Just from the cover, I can tell this is unusual which is my thing. This sounds like fun read. Amusement park settings in a book are new for me, so i will be sure to get into that 😀 Great review hon, hopefully I can catch this even though it is a bit pricey. Thank you hon 🙂

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