Month In Review: June 5th-July 1st

Hi gang! I imagine everyone is gearing up for the long holiday weekend, and I wanted to round up all of the reviews and interviews for the past month. I usually do a Week in Review, but with the My Favorite Things Event, that just didn’t happen, so here’s the last month’s interviews and reviews, all in one post! Suspense Sunday continues tomorrow, and I’ve got some fun stuff lined up for the week ahead, so stay tuned!

I also wanted to thank all of YOU, my wonderful followers, for making the My Favorite Things Event such a success! Most giveaways end on July 5th, so make sure you click on the pic to your left and make sure you haven’t missed anything here, or over on Candace’s blog!

**I’ll ┬ábe announcing winners for the giveaways in the weeks ahead (there will be lots and lots of winners), so keep an eye out for that!

Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles #2) by Kevin Hearne
My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland
The Cold Kiss of Death (Spellcrackers #2) by Suzanne McLeod
Diabolical (Jake Hatcher #2) by Hank Schwaeble
Taken by the Others (H&W Investigations #2) by Jess Haines
Deceived by the Others (H&W Investigations #3) by Jess Haines
Before the Witches (Dark Mission Novella) by Karina Cooper
Poison by Sara Poole
The Borgia Betrayal by Sara Poole
Fire On Dark Water by Wendy K. Perriman
Creep by Jennifer Hillier
Blood of the Wicked (Dark Mission Series #1) by Karina Cooper
Lure of the Wicked (Dark Mission Series #2) by Karina Cooper
Equations of Life (Samuil Petrovitch #1) by Simon Morden
20 Years Later by E.J. Newman
Death Most Definite (Death Works #1) by Trent Jamieson

Simon R. Green
Kevin Hearne
Cat Adams
Rachel Caine
Jana Oliver
Lilith Saintcrow
Sable Grace
Suzanne McLeod
Katie MacAlister
Merrie Destefano
Dawn Metcalf
Jess Haines
Alyson Noel
Philippa Ballantine
Jane Eagland
Sara Poole
Patricia Elliot
Celia Rees
Wendy K. Perriman
Alexander Gordon Smith
Ann Aguirre
E.J. Newman
Sophie Littlefield
Maria V. Snyder
Karina Cooper
Lauren Oliver


  1. You had an amazing month! Keep up the great work!
    Happy July reading!

  2. Jenn of Frequent Reader, Infrequent Blogger

    I'm so beyond jealous of all the cool people you had the opportunity to interview in July.

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