Interview and Giveaway with Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Joining me on the blog today is Linda Thomas-Sundstrom! Linda is the author of the Vampire Moons series, the Wolf Moon series, and much more! She’s also giving away an e-copy of Veronica the Vampire to one lucky winner, so please check out the giveaway details at the end of the post, and please welcome Linda to the blog!

Welcome to the blog, Linda! It says in your bio that you’ve been writing since you were a kid. What were some of your favorite authors growing up?

As a kid: Nancy Drew! I read every book twenty times (and still have them in a box). And because I was a horse-lover, I wallowed in all the Walter Farley Back Stallion books. As an early teen: Victoria Holt gothics. And then in high school I discovered The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and my life changed forever.

Any current faves?

*Simon R Green’s Nightside series. Kim Harrison’s early Hollows books.
*All time favs: Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Oh, and I fell hard for The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, when that came out.

You seem to have a very busy writing schedule! Is it tough balancing writing with teaching?

It’s a fight with time, but when it works, the balancing act is sheer bliss. I’m on my feet all day, lecturing, etc, and then on my “writing days” I can let my imagination take flight and lose everything else going on. I can take the earplugs out and actually listen to what my Muse is singing. Otherwise, I jot down ideas and bits of dialogue while driving to and from work (yes, it’s true! – I keep paper on the passenger seat!), the input them when I get to the keyboard. The truth is that I love to teach, and I love to write. Double whammy on the bliss thing. I feel so lucky.

What do you like to see in a good book?

The special spark the takes me away, and makes me believe. Writing that flows like poetry on the soul and doesn’t try too hard to be too current or edgy. Expressive writing. Witty dialogue. Fresh spins on current ideas that either grip me or make me laugh.

What makes you toss aside a book in frustration?

Stilted and seemingly forced writing. No flow. Characters who are too absurd to continue reading about, and who do things no one in their right minds would do, given their supposed level of intelligence, the circumstances and their positions. I find some of these in best-selling thriller writers, and just shake my head in dismay. So many other neat books are out there, waiting for me, why waste time in getting to them?

I read that you have a fondness for British travel, and were even a Britain travel specialist and guide! What are a few of your favorite UK destinations, and why?

Ah, yes. My specialty was Britain pre-1066. So I think I’ve been to every standing stone site and megalith in the U.K. All-time favorite places there are: Tintagel, Cornwall (Tintagel Castle, the supposed birthplace of legendary King Arthur) – the greatest scenery of all. Bodmin Moor (of Hound of the Baskervilles fame), where the single track road winds in and out of mist, and wild horses roam theslopes. Tintern, Wales, site of one of the oldest monasteries, with the River Wye running through the town. And any place in the Highlands of Scotland, where part of my family hails from.

Is there any news of upcoming projects or events that you’d like to share?

Oh, yes. I’ve got two novellas out this month! YAY! My Vampire Moons series for Harlequin Nocturne just saw a second Nocturne “Bite” (e-book novella) released this month. “NIGHT BORN” and was so much fun to write. One of those “write itself” books that came from new ingredients, like nighttime whispers in my ears from who knows where, that told the story… and art, from Renaissance through the Impressionists. Here’s the gist: Danika Douglas is a Slayer in waiting, who will inherit Slayerhood when her mother, now in the hospital, dies. Is she ready? No. Has she been fully trained? No.In a museum, she discovers the same ungodly handsome male face in paintings from the Renaissance up through the Impressionists. The exact same face, in twenty paintings. Then, she turns around to find that same face….. in the doorway of the museum, watching her! Alexander Kent, an immortal as old as sin itself. Yikes! This was a neat novella to be absorbed with after the release of my full book, also now out in this series, and titled “Golden Vampire.” About an ancient Blood Knight in a contemporary international setting.

LINDA’S GOT A LIGHT SIDE !!! Yep, I also write light paranormal romances, and this month launched a completely fluffy, girly, paranormal romance novella online, titled “Veronica and the Vampire” for 99 cents !“Veronica and the Vampire” is about the possible perils of paranormal dating… and I have dedicated this story to all the women who have been through the process of dating. I’ve also loaded this story with tons of good Karma for those of us still in the process. Check it out online.

Note: Well, you can see how excited I am to be writing these paranormal romances, and how busy I am at it. Honestly, I am living the dream. Please visit my website to see more about the books.

You can find Linda here: Author Website | Nocturne Authors

Giveaway Details

About Veronica and the Vampire (from
Veronica Davis is a woman with a desperate need. If she doesn’t bring a date to her big sister’s wedding, the L for loser that’s imprinted on her forehead will become permanent, as far as her family is concerned. And heck, she’s started to believe it, herself.Why else would a girl end up at a Los Angeles escort agency with the strange acronym V.A.M.P. Inc? Where you pick your date from a row of coffins in the agency’s basement. Guys who can’t meet you at lunch time, due to the fact that they sleep until sundown.You know . . . . vampires.And when she meets the unearthly handsome Christopher, the agency’s odd acronym begins to take on a whole new meaning. Tackling her sister’s wedding actually starts to seem like a piece of cake . . .Author note: Veronica and the Vampire is a lighthearted, very “girly” story about the possible perils of paranormal dating, and the women who just might beat the odds. I’ve dedicated this story to everyone who remembers the term “dating,” whether fondly or not, and have packed this book with lots of good Karma for those who do.


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  4. Hey Linda! You were quite the reader as a kid! Do you have much time these day to read? What are you currently reading?

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    I save my valued reading time for books that I want to hold and read, in case I'm totally hooked. Currently on my night stand are: Pale Demon – Kim Harrison, Beautiful Creatures (YA) – Kami Garcia, and a non-fiction (ha!) book on Werewolves.

    I just love books.


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