MFT Interview and Giveaway with Marta Acosta!

Today on the blog,  I’m welcoming the wonderful Marta Acosta!  Marta is the author of the awesome Casa Dracula series, and is one of the sweetest ladies in the biz! One lucky winner will snag a copy of Haunted Honeymoon, generously provided by Marta! Please see giveaway details at the end of the post.

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 Marta, thanks so much for joining me today!You’re the author of the insanely popular Paranormal series featuring Milagro de los Santos. For those that haven’t had the pleasure of reading the books, can you tell us a bit about Milagro and her world?

Milagro – or Mil – is the only known survivor of a vampire infection which she contracted in a lip-lock with a guy she met at a party. Yeah, she’s that kind of girl. She writes eccentric horror and science fiction stories, can’t keep a job, and gets easily districted by parties, friends, and attractive guys. She’s a freak magnet and nutcases gravitate to her. What she really wants is a family to call her own and a home. She finds this with a family of snobs, who have a wine country estate and insist they aren’t vampires.

Did you base Milagro on yourself?

I based Milagro on characters from some of my favorite books. She’s alone in the world, like Jane Eyre. She’s cheerfully delusional like Bertie Wooster in P.G. Wodehouse novels. She’s broke and bright, like a lot of Jane Austen’s characters. She has a sense of the absurd, like many of Mark Twain’s characters. She’s vulnerable and affectionate like Bridget Jones.We do share a similar education and ethnicity. But Mil is alone in the world, and I have a large and supportive family. She’s always cheerful and optimistic and I’m down-to-earth and deeply cynical.

Haunted Honeymoon, book 4 (and final book) in the series, just came out at the end of last year. When you set out to write Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, did you already have a series planned?

Not at all! I only planned to write the one book spoofing vampire clichés. But my editor wanted another and another… It was a challenge to try and imagine the next steps, but I’m really glad I had the opportunity to take Milagro on a journey. She grows up in the books, but never loses her essential self.I’m so happy when readers tell me that she seems “real” and “like a friend” – that’s how I feel about her, too. It’s really hard to let her go, but I was so happy to give her a fabulous send-off.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Do quirky people recognize their own quirks? Probably not. I get distracted doing extensive and unnecessary research about things that may never appear in a book. I like facts to be right. I’m very finicky. I need my Slinky Jr. by my side, because I like to fidget when I’m writing.

I read in your bio that you lived in England for a time. What was your favorite part of living there?

I loved going to the theatre and seeing live performances. Seeing something great on stage can be so electrifying. From Restoration tragedy to Elizabethan comedy to French farce to modern drama…ah, how I miss that. I also like to shop for inexpensive makeup at Boots the Chemist.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?

I’d go back to London, my favorite city. But I’ve a strong hankering to visit New Orleans and Vancouver. I also long to go to the World’s Longest Garage Sale, which goes through several states.

What’s something that makes you want to toss a book aside in frustration?

When I was younger, I finished reading every book I started. But at some point, I thought, why am I spending time with something I actively dislike when there are so many wonderful books I could be reading? I hate books that are all exposition. I hate books that go off on tangents leading nowhere. I hate books that are too self-consciously arty and everyone is filled with ennui.

When you’re not writing, how do you like to spend your free time?

Hmm, I was just outside smashing things with a hammer, which was enormously fun. I do the usual friends, family, out and about stuff. I’m an avid gardener, the bonus being that I get to watch butterflies, birds, and bees out my office window.Every time I get away from home, I get a whoo-hoo! feeling that I’ve made a prison break. This happens to me on vacations, too, where I think, hey, do I really have to go back?

Now that Milagro’s series has come to a close, what’s next?

I’m polishing up a young adult gothic that will be published by Tor in 2012. My editor, agent, and I can’t think of a good title. It’s about a foster girl, Jane Williams, who is invited to attend the exclusive Birchwood Academy for Girls on a full-scholarship. She loves the wonderful school and is fascinated by the headmistress and her sons. Jane thinks it’s all too good to be true – it is.

You mention your less-than-well-behaved dogs on your website. Can you tell us more about them?

My dogs are Betty and Bosco, rescued German Shorthaired Pointers, and, yes, it is crazy to have hunting dogs in suburbia. I take them out to the shore every morning, where they can run off-leash, and I can daydream and look at the bay and the scenery. Bosco eats socks and Betty eats paper. My mother calls them “flying dogs” because they’ll leap over a piece of furniture (like a sofa) rather than go around.

Is there any other news you’d like to share?

Information about me and my books is at my website, where links to all my sites can be found, and I blog regularly at Vampire Wire. I enjoy hearing from readers. 
Kristin, thanks so much for having me as a guest at My Bookish Ways!

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About the book:

THERE’S MORE THAN HER HEART AT STAKE. . . .As the only human to survive vampire infection, Milagro de Los Santos has become quite a celebrity among the blood-drinking elite. Too bad the perks of her condition—increased strength, super-fast healing—don’t pay her condo fees. There are other complications too. She’s feeling guilty about her fling with enigmatic Vampire Council member Ian Ducharme, and pining for her ex-fiancé, Dr. Oswald Grant . . . the fabulous man whose kiss changed her life. It’s when Milagro—irked by Ian’s attentions to his neighbor—travels to London and enjoys a sexy flirtation of her own, that the blood really hits the fan. Suddenly, those around her are dying gruesome deaths and Milagro’s being interrogated. Who would kill to set her up as a murder suspect? Milagro just wants to turn back the clock and have another chance to make things right, but no sooner has she escaped to Oswald’s ranch than an accident obliterates her memory. Will the murderer come after her now? And will amnesia spark a romantic do-over with Oswald—or will she make all the same mistakes before she ever gets to say “I do”?


  1. Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale

    ohh I love Zsadist from JR Wards BDB series because I love the brooding vamp who everyone thinks is this dangerous/uncaring monster but they are really so much more than that. It just takes a while to crack the shell 🙂

  2. My favorite vampire is Bones from the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. Thanks!

  3. Gosh! So many to chose from!
    Book Vamp: Damon from the Vampire Diaries (I didn't care to much for the books themselves) I loved him so dangerous but so safe sexy in his own way. Passionate for what he wants and believes in! (Just one of my faves)

    Movie Vamp: Louis de Pointe du Lac from Interview with the Vampire- First off who does like Brad Pitt? But really I love them all!

  4. Hi, everyone!

    -Kristin, I confess that I can't get over the spelling of those names to read the books. I'm probably missing out on something fab, because everyone loves JR's books.
    -Andrea, Jeanine's Bones is much loved. I am wildly jealous of her great book covers.
    -Anna, I post a lot of Damon videos on my blog. They never get old!

  5. My fav is vampier diaries

  6. Eric Northman from Sookie Stackhouse series. He's just so…viking…his demeanor always makes me laugh.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  7. artemisrexmoon

    I'm going with the Sookie series, too, but Pam! I love that she's so practical and has such a dry, wicked sense of humor.

  8. Dot S.(

    Marta, I didn't know about the gardening or the prison break vacations which I totally relate to.
    Hm-m, there are so many book,TV and movie vamps that I love but I still pant for Mick St. John from the Moonlight series.

  9. -Vidisha, I'm waiting for a break in my schedule to rent the Vampire Diaries and do a viewing marathon.
    -Vivien, poor Bill Compton — he could never compete!
    -Artemis, I have to watch the shows. I read several of the books(which I very much liked) to about the fourth, but I know the series is different.
    -Hi, Dot, oh, gosh, the gardening was rabid. I actually used to write gardening articles quite frequently for the San Francisco Chronicle and some other papers.

  10. Hmm.. Well I think my fav vamp is from t.v. actually. Its a tie between Spike and Angel from Buffy! Oh so yummy!

  11. Stacy (Urban Fantasy Investigations)

    Bones, He is HOT, devoted and a total Alpha male


  12. Haunted Honeymoon sounds like a wonderful read. Thank you for the opportunity to win the giveaway! My favorite vampire has to be Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse novels (not Eric on the HBO series). He is a wonderful combination of conceit, strength with a childlike glee, and a surprising vulnerability noted in bits and pieces in his feelings for Sookie.


  13. Offbeat Vagabond

    Oooh, that is a tough one. But Kristen hit it on the head, Zsadist is my favorite as well (Bones, a close second). His story will always be one of my favorites (almost brought me to tears and I never cry). He seemed crazy and unlikable in the beginning, but it just took digging. I like finding a character that has that much depth. Great interview and giveaway ladies. I really should try smashing things in my backyard too, that might actually help a bit LOL! Thank you again 🙂

    drharleyquinn87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. That's a tough one, but I guess Acheron from the Dark-hunters series.

  15. Hi,

    I'm probably showing my age but my favorite movie character is Dracula from the movie version of "Bram Stoker's Dracula". I loved the depth they gave to the Dracula character by having Mina be a reincarnation of his murdered wife. It made me sympathetic toward the character instead of just scared of him.

    My best email is

  16. Favorite book vamp: Eric Northman

    Favorite TV/movie vamp: Eric Northman

    LOL, he's just so yummy!

    jcross719 at yahoo dot com

  17. hedgerhousehold

    I like Lestat from Interview with a Vampire because he was my never forget your first. LOL
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  18. My favorite book vampire is Stefan from the Vampire Diaries! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Sophia L.
    sophiayunjin at gmail dot com

  19. I would have to say my favorite vamp is Dimitri from the Vampire Academy series. He counts rights? He is to dreamy not to count. I love him!

    GFC follower

    thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

  20. It's a tie between Spike from Buffy (I have had a crush on him for a LONG time!) and Damon from the Vampire Diaries (I'd totally do him!). A girl can dream, can't she? lol
    I am a GFC follower.
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  21. yeah that is definitely a hard ne…I absolutely adore Eric Skarsgard from Tru Blood…HOLY HOTNESS 🙂 but then again I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Spike and Angel from Buffy the Vampire slayer 😀

    hense1kk AT cmich DOT edu

  22. My favorite vampire series is Vampire Academy series, it's rather interesting.

  23. My favorite book and movie vampire is Edward Cullen from Twilight. I think he gorgeous and does have a heart. He is constantly struggling with who he is but his love for Bella wins. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

  24. Eric in the True Blood series is hot and sexy… I like Nina in the Dakota Cassidy series, she's bold and funny.

    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  25. My fav book vamp is Damien from Vampire Diaries.
    aliciacald at gmail dot com

  26. My favorite vamp is Bela Lugosi in Dracula. That stare is priceless…he might just have had me.

  27. michellesheavenlyreviews

    My favorite book vamp is Dimitri Belikov from the VA series. He's sexy and knows how to kick butt, and his romance with Rose Hathaway is so sweet!

    My favorite TV vamp is Stefan Salvatore, from the Vampire Diaries, because he is the hottest thing ever, and knows how to treat Elena!

    starlightgirl678 at aol dot com

  28. Can't say that I have a favorite book vamp – JR Ward and Sherrlyn Kenyon pen some hotties :).

    tv vamps – Damon (Vampire Diaries) and Eric (True Blood)

    pams00 @

  29. Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother...

    One of my favorite TV Vamps is Eric from Trueblood! He is simply delicious! I have way to many favorite book vamps to try and narrow down to just one!

    mmafsmith at gmail dot com

  30. Linda: By the Book

    I love Adrain in the Vampire Academy series. I'm not betraying Dimitri or anything, but I feel bad for the crazy lonely guy.
    Those sound like my dogs. I love smashing things with a hammer too and now I have the urge to see the world's longest garage sale. The new book sounds cool.

    Lindadao2060 at yahoo dot com

  31. I have to say Dimitri from Vampire Academy I love him my favorite! It is what got me into reading found so many great books after that! Great giveaway thank you so much!

  32. I am an old vampire fan from way back.I like my vamps dark and scary for the most part.
    Brian Lumey's Lord Nestor Lichloathe of the Wamphyri.(scary as all hell)
    However I have read everyone of the Anita Blake series and Love Jean-Claude.(the go to vamp for help)
    And I can't forget Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D. D is a dhampir, the half-breed child of a vampire father and human mother.

    Thank you

  33. Agh, I should have checked back for comments here! My apologies. I was writing a gothicy ghost story and got obsessed.

    Thanks to all for visiting!

    -Becca, it's Spike all the way…unless he's compared to Angel in the Angel series, who developed a sense of humor.
    -Stacy, Jeaniene created quite a character in Bones.
    -Denise, it's always difficult watching a fave fictional character as a TV character. My image of Sookie was nothing like the tv show.
    -Offbeat, I khant read those bhookz with those vhampyre nhames. Zheriously.
    -MBreakfield, lots of fans agree with you!
    -Tracy, yep, otherwise he's just a perv, instead of a sensitive romantic killer.
    -Jess, you'll have to vote in my next Ultimate Hawtest Vampire Contest. Of course, I always rig the votes.
    -Hedger, ah the Anne Rice version of a vampire that still influences so many.
    -Sophia, and not Damon! I'm shocked.
    -Girl on Fire, PandasRule, Michelle, and Latisha: isn't the Vampire Academy being made into a series? I'll have to find out more!
    -Julie and Alicia, clearly you're like me and have a fondness for snark.
    -Andra and Robin, I post Eric Northman vids on my blog about every day.
    -Tore, alas my vampires are a little snobbier than Edward. His hair is fabulous.
    -Tinatre, so many think Bela was just a joke, but he was hawt — and got the chicks in Hollywood. Those luminous eyes!
    -Pam and Maria, do check out the videos on my Vampire Wire blog. I think you'll like them. (Maria, she probably got the pronunciation from the song.)
    -Linda, if you like smashing things with a hammer then it follows you'd like a crazy lonely character!
    -Joanna, thanks for mentioning a more eclectic group of vamps!

  34. Mare/TommyGirl

    I will always love Dracula because it was one of my first vampires (outside of Lost Boys)

    Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries (the show, he's okay in the book, but on the show = yum)

    Jasper Hale from Twilight series of books.

    tommygirl828 (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. My favourite vampire is Bones from Jeaniene Frost's NIGHT HUNTRESS series.

    Your dogs, Bosco-the-sock-eater and Betty-the-paper-eater sound so cute!!


  36. Stefan from the vampire diaries.

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