Early Review: Diabolical (Jake Hatcher #2) by Hank Schwaeble

Diabolical (Jake Hatcher #2) by Hank Schwaeble

Publisher: Penguin 
Release date: June 28th, 2011
Source: Author for review
Jake Hatcher Series

Synopsis (from Barnes and Noble) 

A Hellion has escaped damnation and returned to earth to unleash the forces of darkness on the world. Only Jake Hatcher has the experience to track it, and only he can get close enough to it-because the Hellion is his brother.


Jake Hatcher really can’t seem to catch a break. One of my favorite new heroes returns in Diabolical, the second in a series after Damnable. We move from New York City to L.A., where Jake is trying to lay low while working in a bar part time. Unfortunately, after receiving a note from a mysterious stranger, he’s again drawn in to a massively evil plan designed to open a portal to Hell. There were quite a few twists and turns in this one, and Jake, former special ops, is still the conflicted man that he was in Damnable, but this time, when it’s possible that his baby nephew has been kidnapped to be used as a sacrifice, he’s desperate to find out the truth before it’s too late. Nobody is what they seem and Jake is constantly being bombarded by all sides. Not knowing who to trust begins to take its toll as Jake struggles to save his nephew and prevent this evil plan from coming to fruition. Diabolical constantly kept me on my toes, and I love hanging out with Jake, whose smart mouth is still in fine form. If it’s action you’re looking for, Diabolical is the place to be. The fight scenes are pretty awesome and extremely well choreographed. I found myself being able to picture them quite easily, because Mr. Schwaeble is just that good in his descriptions. He’s also very good at getting into the twisted psyches of his villians, and there are two really icky new bad guys in here that will make you squirm. The lovely and treacherous Carnates are back, and there’s a twist that you won’t see coming (at least I didn’t). I admit it had my jaw hanging open in surprise. Jake Hatcher is a tough-as-nails hero with heart, in one of the best new thriller series in quite a while! I’ll follow Jake anywhere! 

For my urban fantasy/paranormal readers: Diabolical is not urban fantasy. It’s noir/thriller/horror with paranormal/occult elements. I urge you to give these books a try, but wanted to make it clear that these are probably a bit different then what you’re used to if you mostly read urban fantasy. These novels will especially appeal to fans of Mike Carey, Lee Childs, Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger series, and horror/thriller fans.


  1. Great review. I actually thought of urban fantasy when I saw the cover, so it's good to know, if I hadn't read your review, I never would've known. Sounds like a great read. Not a noire fan, but I like to expand my reading genre, so it's good know of a good book if I should choose to read one.

  2. Thanks so much Lena! I love suspense/noir and mystery, so this series is a lot of fun for me!


    Great review! Sounds extremely dark. Not sure if it's my kind of read or not, but I'm reading about zombies so who knows!

  4. Melissa (My World...in words and pages)

    Oh wow. This is a new book for me. I'm kind of curious about them now. I'm not sure if they are for me but I'm definitely going to look into them as they sounds like great reads. Thank you!

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