My Favorite Things Grand Prize Giveaway: Official Post

Hi gang! Yesterday, Candace and I each did a post for our Grand Prize Giveaway that will also do double duty by helping us pay for shipping for the LOADS of books that publishers have sent us for giveaway. As you undoubtedly know, shipping is expensive, and I have over 60 books that I’ll be posting for giveaway throughout the event!
Here’s the details (I’ve made some minor changes and also changed them on the previous post):
1. $1=1 entry, so $5=5 entries, and so forth!
2. We are capping the entries at $65, so your chances of winning are REALLY good!
3. You must be at least 13 to donate.
4. Donations go to a verified Paypal account, so you can be assured that it’s secure and safe!
5. I have AT LEAST 7 books up for grabs (pictured below)

6. Giveaway ends when we reach $65 or July 5th, whichever comes first!
7. Please email me at mybookishways[at]yahoo[dot]com to let me know you donated!
8. Anyone can donate, however, the giveaway books will only be sent to US/Canadian addresses. We will do our absolute best to open as many giveaways as possible to international addresses.

This Giveaway is now CLOSED! Thanks so much to everyone that donated! 

Here’s what I have up for grabs so far for the Grand Prize Giveaway
Here’s a teaser for the books that will be up for giveaway during the event!

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