My Favorite Things Event Schedule

Below is the schedule for My Favorite Things! We’ve got about 6 weeks of interviews, reviews, and giveaways covering Steampunk, Paranormal/Fantasy/UF/Horror, Dystopian, and Historical Fiction and the event will be broken down into these genres.

The giveaways listed are only the tip of the iceberg! We’ve got tons more that we’ll be posting throughout each day, and you’ll want to keep an eye out for Twitter and Facebook giveaways as well. Our Twitter hashtag will be #myfavethings, so be sure to plug that in to get the scoop! We’ll also be updating this post with all giveaway links as we go!

*Please note that events and giveaways are subject to change.

May 23rd-28th:Steampunk
May 30th- June 18th:Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror.
June 20th- 26th:Historical Fiction
June 27th-July 1st:Dystopian
May 23rd
May 24th 
May 25th 
May 26th 
May 27th 

Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy/ Fantasy/ Horror/ Sci Fi 

May 30th

May 31st
June 1st
June 2nd 
June 3rd 
June 4th 
June 6th 
June 7th 
June 8th 
June 9th 
June 10th 
June 11th 
June 12th 
June 13th 
June 14th 
June 15th 
June 16th 
June 17th 
Giveaway: Nightwalker, License to Ensorcell, and The Dark Storm

Historical Fiction 
June 20th
June 21st
June 22nd
June 23rd

June 27th 
June 28th 
June 29th
June 30th
July 1st 
July 5th:All Giveaways End (there may be some exceptions)


  1. Wow, what an INCREDIBLE event! These genres and authors are some of my favorites, too. 🙂 Thanks for hosting all this awesomeness– I can't wait!

  2. Love your celebration — but disappointed. I so want to read your interview with Clay and Susan Griffith, I love their book, but all I can get is "Error 404 -= Not Found". Is it just me? I will try again tomorrow.

  3. lingeorge-Link should work now:) Thanks for the heads up. It's the first post you see when you go to the home page for today as well!

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