MFT Guest Post: 5 Reasons to Read Steampunk, by Lindsay Buroker

Hello,I’m Lindsay Buroker, author of a steampunk novella, Flash Gold, and I’m here to guest blog for Kristin today. I figured my options were to do something intelligent and serious or to do something fun…. I decided on fun. So, without further ado, I give you… 

5 Reasons to Read Steampunk 

1. Steam PowerEverything became boringly compact and quiet when gasoline came along. Steam-powered locomotives were cool (back when trains really went “choo choo”), and even the trucks rocked. Just look up “steam lorry” on YouTube to find some fun videos. If you have a steam-powered vehicle and want to get someone to move out of the crosswalk more quickly, just pull on the steam whistle. A screech like that is sure to get any granny moving!

2. Cool InventionsThe stuff we actually had in the Steam Age was pretty cool, but those pesky technological advances (electricity, pah) cut the era short. Just think of all the inventions we might have seen if it had lasted longer. When you read steampunk, you get to imagine some fun concepts that never were but might have been. My heroine in Flash Gold, which takes place during the gold-rush era in the Yukon, enters a race on her steam-powered “dogless” sled. Fun times!

3. ExplosionsWith all that inventing going on, things are bound to go wrong from time to time. A machine catching fire here, eyebrows being singed off there…. A resourceful heroine might even come up with a way to blow up an airship full of pirates trying to kidnap her (Okay, I admit it….that last one is from my story).Either way, explosions are much more fun than mere sword or gun fights.

4. Kick-Butt Female CharactersBack in ye olde Victorian days, it was hard to find butt-kicking female characters that could slay vampires, fight off bounty hunters, and/or hold their own in a shooting match. It just wasn’t classy for women to do such things. But authors writing about alternate Earths or high fantasy steampunk settings aren’t necessarily restricted by how things really were. Therefore you can find lots of examples of feisty female heroines to enjoy.

5. Interesting Twists on Historic Settings If you grew up reading fantasy, especially a couple decades ago when there was less variety out there, you may have gotten your fill of those generic medieval settings that all seem to be inspired by Tolkien and Dungeons & Dragons. While authors have since branched out a lot, you can almost always count on steampunk to give you something new. Sure, lots of these stories are set in London and the Old West, and many use genre conventions such as goggles and airships, but you can find numerous authors adding steampunk flair to historical cities from all over Earth–and sometimes from made up worlds as well. I chose the Yukon since I was a big fan of Call of the Wild and White Fang as a kid (thanks for the inspiration, Jack London!). Wherever a story is set, a steampunk story often comes with creative touches.

There you have it: five reasons to grab some steampunk stories! If you’re interested in Flash Gold, you can read an excerpt on my site. I also write about book promotion and epublishing on my blog, so pop in there if you’re an author yourself: Thanks for reading!

Thanks to Book Lovin’ Bitches for organizing this awesome blog tour, and be sure to visit The Bawdy Book Blog on 5/25 to read a review of Flash Gold!


  1. Coreena McBurnie

    Thanks for the article, I may have to pick some up!!!

  2. I'm quite new to the steampunk genre but I love the cool inventions and kick-butt heroines I've encountered so far! Totally agree with all those reasons for reading steampunk – I always thought it was more of a man's genre but a lot if recent books have shown how wrong I was! 🙂

  3. Great post! I have just started to read a few Steampunk novels. I will have to venture further. :0)

  4. Thanks for the comments, all, and thanks for posting this Kristin!

  5. Haha! I love this post! I've only read a few steampunk books…okay….one…but I can already tell that I will love many more. Looking forward to the week!

  6. Lieder Madchen

    Thank you for the great post! Steampunk is my favorite genre at the moment. 🙂

  7. Offbeat Vagabond

    I am with Mel, I am kind of new to Steampunk too. But so far, I am pretty in love with it. I love all the reasons, they are all why I love the genre so much especially the inventions and the take on history. I find those the most amazing things about the genre. Just incredible! Thank you guys so much for the post 🙂

  8. Those are great reasons! One time I saw Jay Leno driving a Stanley Steamer down the street. That was pretty cool 🙂

  9. Lisa R/alterlisa

    Fairly new to Steampunk and loving it. I love the "what ifs?"


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

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