Interview and Giveaway with Kelly Gay!

Please welcome Kelly Gay to the blog! Kelly is the author of the Charlie Madigan Urban Fantasy series, and a brand new YA series as Kelly Keaton!

I’ll also be giving away a copy of The Better Part of Darkness, to one winner, and Kelly will give away some awesome swag to a 2nd winner! Please see giveaway details at the end of this post!

MBW: Kelly, thanks so much for being here!
It’s a pleasure! Sure thing! Now that my bigger deadlines have passed, it’s nice to get back to interacting with readers and talking books!

You’ve enjoyed success with your Charlie Madigan urban fantasy series, and now you have a new YA series (as Kelly Keaton), starting with the just-released Darkness Becomes Her! What made you decide to write a YA novel, and how did it differ from writing adult urban fantasy?

The YA leap came after the fact. It was really the story itself that made the YA decision for me. Ari came to me as a seventeen year old girl trying to make her way in this really unique, dark world. I was writing adult at the time and I suppose I could’ve made Ari older, but I had to go with what I saw in my mind and let the story develop as it wanted. So there was no decision made beforehand in terms of writing YA. Honestly, I don’t give too much thought to genre and markets while writing and creating in the early stages; I don’t want to box myself in with any genre or age specific boundaries. But once the idea is developed or the rough draft is written, then it usually becomes clear what genre I have and where it would best fit into the market.The YA differs from adult in that my heroines are on two very different paths in their lives. Ari is learning who she is and what she wants to be in life while Charlie is a single mom and very grounded in who she is and what she does. Their paths/character growths are much different.

Do you have in mind how many books you’ll write in the YA series?
I’m contracted for two, but I’d love to do one more at the very least. And I would love to write Violet’s story one day. The world is so big and varied that are a lot of options for the series.

Book 3 in the Charlie Madigan series, The Hour of Dust and Ashes, is coming out this summer. Can you give us a teaser?
Sure. The book focuses on the off-world drug, ash and how it makes its victims the perfect vessels for possession. When ash victims begin taking their own lives, it leaves Charlie scrambling to find answers. Is it the drug or is it something more sinister, like murder via possession? And since Charlie’s sister Bryn is an ash addict, this really hits close to home. Readers will see what lengths Charlie will go to in order to save her sister, see a lot of Rex and Hank in this book, and learn about Hank’s mysterious past. And you’ll get a chance to go into Charbydon and get a firsthand look into the place that inspired our idea of hell.

Do you have more books planned in the Charlie Madigan series, or will you just see where she takes you?
I have one more planned (and that I’m contracted to do), which come will out next year. After that, I’m not sure. There are a few characters I’d love to write side novels about, namely Pendaran, the Druid King, and Aaron and Bryn’s story. I don’t want to become stale with Charlie, and it’s important to me to love what I write about. So, I’ll have to see how I feel after the 4th book… If Charlie is still speaking to me and still has work to do, then I’ll most likely continue. If she’s quiet, I might just write those side novels.

When you write, do you have a favorite writing spot? Anything you especially need get you in the zone?
I usually write on the recliner or on one end of the sofa, which is also a recliner, with my laptop. One of these days I’ll get a proper office, but I’ll have to move the sofa into that space – I’ve written six novels on that sofa! I don’t really need anything to get me into the zone. Coffee in the morning and quiet time in which to create, and I’m usually good to go.

You have great taste in movies! I read on your bio that Ladyhawke is one of your favorites! It’s one of mine too (I cry every time I see it ,which has probably been about 30 times). Are there any current movies that you’ve really enjoyed?
Yay! Another Ladyhawke fan! Hmm. I’ve been so behind on current movies. I think the last one I saw that I really loved was How To Train Your Dragon (yes, I admit it, I cried, LOL). And one I’m *really* hoping will be awesome is Thor which is coming out in May.

I won’t ask about favorite authors, since I know that’s a long list, however, are there any recent books that you really enjoyed?
I’m super behind on my reading as well (double deadlines can do that!). I just read Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson, Not That Kind of Girl by Susan Donovan, and Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. All three were really good and fun to read. I’m in a contemporary romance/romantic comedy phase right now.

Is there anything you can tell us about yourself that maybe a lot of people don’t know?
Hmm. Well, I’m actually a pretty introverted person. A total Wall Flower. I love horses and for a long time that was my profession – I managed barns, was a groom, and had my own boarding farm/business. There’s something so peaceful about tooling around the barn and being on the back of a horse. I had to give all that up when I had my daughter, but would totally love to have a few acres and a horse or two in the future.

Finally, is there any news about upcoming projects that you’d like to share?
THE HOUR OF DUST AND ASHES comes out this summer, August 30th, and then the sequel to DARKNESS BECOMES HER will be out in February of 2012.

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule, Kelly! It was a pleasure!
Thank you for having me on your blog, Kristin!

Visit Kelly at her website!


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