Early Review: The Dead (The Enemy, Book 2) by Charlie Higson

The Dead (The Enemy, Book 2) by Charlie Higson
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Release Date: June 2011
Review copy courtesy of netGalley

The Dead begins a year before The Enemy, when adults first begin getting sick, turning into zombies and devouring human flesh. The sickness strikes anyone 16 and older, and suddenly, the children must fend for themselves and fight for survival in a land ravaged by the dead and unspeakable danger. They will make their way to the city, and fight for their lives, and the lives of their friends, against horrible odds. And London is burning… 
I loved The Enemy, and expected The Dead to be just as good. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, and was even more impressed by the fact that the author didn’t rehash the same story lines as the first. There’s a completely different cast of characters, with unique personalities and stories all their own. However, The Dead is really Jack and Ed’s story, above all others, and their friendship will not only give you hope, but break your heart. Ed is the popular boy, and life is has always been easy for him. He’s handsome, the girls like him, and he makes friends easily. Not so much for Jack. While not unhappy, Jack has a large birthmark on his face that makes him self-conscious and has a temper that gets away from him sometimes. Jack and Ed are the standouts in the story, but a great supporting cast rounds the story out wonderfully. There is plenty, and I mean plenty, of gore and zombie battles to please the die-hard zombie fan (blood! and pus! and bodily fluids, oh my!), and should also appeal to teen boys and reluctant readers, not to mention zombie lovin’ gals like me! The author really doesn’t let up! I ended up devouring this book in a day, and it’s a pretty hefty read at almost 480 pages! You won’t notice the length though, because you’ll want to follow these kids’ journey to the very end. Ultimately, zombies aside, it’s a novel about hope where there seems to be none, bravery in the face of blinding fear, and the lengths that friends will go to in order to protect each other. Well written, terrifying, and pulse pounding, The Dead is a zombie saga you won’t want to miss! 
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  1. Thanks for this review. I loved the Enemy, so I'm looking forward to this book.

  2. Laura (All of Everything)

    Ooh yay! The Enemy was awesome, and it'll be interesting to experience the sickness as it's happening and maybe how events came to be.

  3. Thanks for a fantastic review. I've still got to read the Enemy, but these books sound awesome.

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