Blog Tour Review: The Third by Abel Keogh

The Third by Abel Keogh
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Source: Tristi Pinkston Virtual Tours

Synopsis: In this stark and haunting look at the not-so-distant future, an environmentally minded society elects to limit the number of children couples can have, enforcing dire consequences for lawbreakers. But when his wife gets pregnant with a forbidden third child, Ransom Lawe is forced to choose between the government who’s trying to save the world from ecological disaster and the family he loves dearly.
In the Pacific Northwest, in 2065, Ransom Lawe is a recycler, with a wife, and two young boys. The family lives in a small apartment, and struggles just to have enough to eat. In Abel Keogh’s novel, people are only allowed to have two children. The earth is threatened, and people are the biggest threat. Everything is recycled, and sentinels, or “snatchers”, roam the street looking for families with illegal third children. Food and resources are scarce, quality of life is low, and Ransom fights for happiness in a world that doesn’t seem to allow it. One morning, on the tram, Ransom interferes with a confrontation between a woman and a sentinel, saving her baby in the process. This will set off a series of events that will threaten to destroy Ransom’s life, and possibly the lives of his family. Meanwhile, Ransom’s wife is pregnant with their third, and therefore illegal, child. The novel is told from Ransom and his wife, Teya’s, point of view and creates an intimate portrait of this family’s perilous situation. The narrative flows well, and even though there are a few passages that seem a bit long, the author balances things well with action and dread. As a mom, there were certain parts that really got to me, and it will certainly make you think about not only what effect we’re having on the planet, but also about what it means to have free will. I personally can’t imagine living in this author’s future, and Ransom’s race to save his family and his third child will keep you glued to the pages. Abel Kough is certainly an author to watch!
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  1. Krstin, this sounds like a really amazing book! I'm dying to read it, and it's all thanks to your review 🙂 Great job!

    I'll look for this book!

  2. This book sounds amazing. I am marking it down now. I love books that address free will in such a way – our free will impacting others ability to have one. Interesting. Definitely a great review, too!

  3. Sounds kind of chilling…Remember when China had a law about second children? or do they still have that law?

  4. Kirstin,

    Thanks for reviewing it on your blog. I'm glad you enjoyed the book and it kept you glued to the pages.


    China still has a one child law though there's talk about repealing it some time in the future.


  5. Hey,

    For some reason, the cover of this book really intrigues me! 😀 Thank you for your review, I'm really looking forward to reading this book! 😀

    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  6. Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad)

    I'm reading this one at the moment! I'm only half way through and really enjoying it!


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