Suspense Sunday #11

Every Sunday I feature a title from an often overlooked genre: Suspense!These are books I’ve read and highly recommend to anyone that loves agood mystery or crime story, sometimes with a little humor thrown in!

Today’s feature title is: Plum Island (John Corey Series #1) by Nelson DeMille

From Publishers Weekly: Tom and Judy Gordon were bright, young, attractive scientists whom everyone seemed to like. So who would murder them-and why? Could their deaths have something to do with Plum Island, supposedly an animal research facility but possibly a top-secret site for biological warfare experiments? Could it involve a pirate’s treasure buried in the vicinity more than 300 years ago? Returning to the Long Island, N.Y., setting of The Gold Coast (1990), DeMille makes his finest showing since that enormously popular book. Important to his success here is the catchy, ironic voice of narrator John Corey, a freewheeling Manhattan detective who’s at his uncle’s house on the Island to recover from bullet wounds and who gets tapped by the locals to act as “consultant” on the case. Key to the novel’s sway is its boisterous plot, as DeMille expertly melds medical mystery, police procedural and nautical adventure, adding assorted love interests and capping matters with a ferocious storm at sea. Atmospherics are strong and the novel acquires its own storm force as it moves toward a cataclysmic denoument. DeMille’s research seems sound as well, rendering the inner workings of a science lab as believable and fascinating as the discovery of treasure maps. It’s a smooth job from an old pro who knows what readers are looking for.

I LOVE the John Corey series from Nelson DeMille! I can’t recommend it enough! If you like a snarky hero that can get the job done, and lots of adventure combined with intelligent writing, this is for you!
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  1. You really need to stop doing these posts. I end up putting everyone of these on my TBR! I love suspense. (Just kidding… keep up the good work.)

  2. Ha! Annette is right – you need to stop! I've already got a copy of Monkeewrench to read and now this one too? LOL – I thought I had this genre covered but you keep proving me wrong 🙂 Thanks, Kristin!

  3. Annette and Jen-I'm so glad you enjoy this feature!! I have so much fun picking a book for it each week! Happy reading!

  4. This sounds like something I would definitely like. Thanks! :0)

  5. My uncle, who still lives on Long Island, hooked me up with not one, but two hardcover copies of Plum Island. I have yet to read it, but seeing it here has me bumping it up in the queue. Thanks!

  6. I love Plum Island! It is one of my favorite books. I haven't read any other John Corey book. I need to change that!

  7. Offbeat Vagabond

    I have never heard of this author before, but I am interested in it for sure. Being a UF addict, I often overlook suspense and mystery. But I really should get out of my comfort zone. Thank you for this hon, this looks great, added on Goodreads 🙂

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