Review: Highborn by Yvonne Navarro

Highborn by Yvonne Navarro
Publisher: Simon and Schuster (Pocket) Oct. ’10

Brynna is a fallen angel trying to earn redemption. She’s escaped from Hell in search of a new life on Earth, but Lucifer’s deadliest hunters are hot on her trail. Police Detective Eran Redmond is after her for a different reason: he needs Brynna to help him find a serial killer who is terrifying Chicago . . . and the trail leads them right to Hellspawned demons of the most dangerous kind. She’s also got a very human problem: dealing with a stubborn, attractive cop who makes her long for everything she knows she can’t have.
Staying alive long enough to earn a shot at Heaven will mean breaking some major rules in the mortal world, as she learns just how complicated and wonderful being human can be. With so much stacked against her, even Brynna has to wonder if she’s crazy. But she’s not giving in without a fight.
Not a chance in Hell…

I’d like to start by saying that I could not put this book down! Highborn opens with Astarte (Brynna) looking out of her window over the vast wasteland of Hell and pondering her past deeds. She is one of the Fallen, with only one perfect feather to remind her of her past Grace, and she is determined to make things right and return to her former glory. When she somehow escapes Hell and finds herself on Earth, in human form, she takes the name Brynna Malak and sets out to redeem herself. Brynna then finds herself caught in the crossfire of a serial killer that’s been terrifying the Chicago area, a sniper that seems to be targeting people that aren’t connected in any way, but she will soon find out they are connected, and have everything to do with her. Brynna will have to deal with her growing attraction to Detective Eran Redmond, the cop working the case, and the increasing protectiveness she feels for her newfound friends, in order to make her way on Earth. Not to mention the Hunters that could find her and drag her back to Hell…

Highborn was so much fun, and I absolutely love Brynna! She reminded me a bit of Rachel Caine’s Cassiel (Outcast Season), in that she is an otherworldly creature in an earthly body, having to learn to deal with very human emotions. The action is just about nonstop and it was just all and all a great read! I can’t wait for the next book!

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