Interview and Giveaway with Sophie Littlefield!

Today on the blog, I have the talented Sophie Littlefield, author of the dystopian thriller Aftertime, as well as the YA novel, Banished, and the Stella Hardesty crime series!
Also up for grabs is a copy of Aftertime, generously provided by Sophie!

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Please welcome Sophie to the blog!

Sophie, thank you so much for joining me! It’s a pleasure to have you!

Thank you so much for inviting me here!
Your new dystopian thriller, Aftertime, is one of my favorite books of the last year. For those that haven’t read it, can you tell us a bit about it?
AFTERTIME tells the story of a young recovering addict who is searching for the daughter she lost, first to social services, and then a second time after civilization fell to bioterrorism and a deadly disease that turns humans into cannibalistic Beaters (zombies).
Aftertime is quite a change from your crime novels, A Bad Day for Sorry, and A Bad Day for Pretty. What made you decide to take your writing in this direction?
The funny thing is that the “Bad Day” series is more of a departure from my usual style! I had written a number of novels that didn’t sell, and Bad Day was sort of a fun experiment. I was very surprised that it was the first of my manuscripts to be picked up. Much of my writing – and certainly all of my short crime fiction – tends to be dark, to find redemption only in the bleakest corners of the heart.

Aftertime is sometimes harsh, and emotionally draining in some places. Was it hard for you to write at times?
Yes, sometimes…but always cathartic. I know it sounds strange to say that I was “working through some things” when writing about zombies and evil cults, but the truth was that I had had a rough couple of years and at times had been dealing with loss and grief. Also, someone close to me was an addict and in fact died without ever having lived in recovery, and I was, I think, writing a more hopeful ending for her story.

Do you already have a plan for how many novels you’d like to write featuring Cass, or will you just see where she takes you?
I am very lucky to be working with an editor – Adam Wilson – who has a clear vision for the series and gives me wonderful guidance, and with his help I have completed the second in what will be a trilogy, and am beginning the third and final book. These will be released fairly quickly – REBIRTH in August of 2011, and HORIZON in March of 2012.

On a lighter note, your first novel, A Bad Day for Sorry, won the Anthony Award for Best First Novel. How did you celebrate?
Oh, that was so much fun! First of all, the morning of the awards brunch, I was sitting at a table with some of my favorite people including my agent, Barbara Poelle, and my friend Lisa Hughey, and some other friends. It was wonderful to hear them cheering for me. Afterwards, we drank champagne and all kinds of friends stopped by to say hello and share in my good news. Of course, when I got home later that day, my kids were completely unimpressed!

Will we be reading more about Stella Hardesty (heroine of A Bad Day for Sorry, and A Bad Day for Pretty) soon?
Yes! In fact, the third book will be out this June, titled A BAD DAY FOR SCANDAL. It was so much fun to write.

Did you always want to be a writer? Did you choose writing or did it choose you?
I have wanted to be a writer since I can remember. The idea of living in a story world was entrancing to me. I am a life-long reader and it is inconceivable to me that anyone would choose not to spend at least a part of every day with the written word.

What writers would you say have influenced you the most?
Oh, dear…the impossible question…I am going to take a cop-out here and say that my dad was a huge influence. He is the author of many academic texts, and all through childhood I saw him treating every book with reverence, ever paper he graded (he was a professor), ever newspaper. He made words matter deeply from the start, and he always says that I and my brother (Mike Cooper, a thriller writer) are his favorite authors.

What current authors do you like?
So many! Joe Hill,, Laura Benedict, Nicole Peeler and Alex Sokoloff for the supernatural; Carrie Ryan and Holly Black writing YA; Marisa de los Santos, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Elinor Lipman for women’s fiction. And I must give a plug for my dear friends and extremely gifted authors Juliet Blackwell and Rachael Herron, who write paranormal mystery and heartwarming romantic women’s fiction. Please note that this is only a tiny fraction of my list!

You also have a young adult novel out, Banished. Are there plans for any more books in that series?

Yes: the second book, UNFORSAKEN, will be out this October. Then next year I will have a new paranormal YA out in the fall, but I’m just starting it and I don’t want to say too much about it yet.

When you’re not writing great fiction, what do you like to do to unwind?
Ha! Write more! And read, and talk about writing, and go to bars with other writers, and read with my kids (I still read with my daughter every night, and she is 15). Seriously, I do not have a lot of breadth! Oh, I guess I like to hike. I live in NorCal – it would be scandalous if I didn’t.

Can you tell us something about yourself that a lot of people may not know?
I wish I were more mysterious or had a more checkered past…how about this: my mom turned down John Voight for a date in college, so that means I could have been Angelina Jolie. Uhhhh, sort of.

Thanks so much for taking the time, Sophie! It was an absolute pleasure!

Thank YOU!


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