Two Bloggers, One Interview, TWO Giveaways! Jaye Wells, author of Green-Eyed Demon

I’ve been a stalker fan of the fabulous Jaye Wells for awhile now, so when Jessica (aka The Spinecracker), and I hit her up for an interview, and she agreed, I was absolutely thrilled. Here’s what happens when two bloggers gang up on a poor, unsuspecting urban fantasy author! 


 My Bookish Ways: For those readers that are unfamiliar with Sabina Kane, can you tell us a little about the series?

Jaye Wells: The series is about a half-mage, half-vampire assassin named Sabina Kane. Because mating between the races is forbidden and Sabina’s of mixed blood, she is an outcast who’s trying to find her place in a dangerous world. What’s worse, a war is brewing between the races and she must decide whose side she’s on–the mages, the vampires or her own.
MBW: It’s obvious from your writing that you know your way around a fight (cause Sabina kicks serious butt). What kind of research did you do for the fight scenes?
JW: What’s funny is the only fight I’ve ever had was a schoolyard slap fight in fourth grade. That means I do a lot of internet research to make sure the scenes are both exciting and believable. I have also taken combat workshops, self-defense classes and kick-boxing. But, really, a good fight scene is like any other well-written scene-there has to be conflict, emotion and pacing. The rest is all choreography.
MBW: In Green Eyed Demon, much of Sabina’s time in the book is spent in New Orleans. It’s such an awesome setting, rich in magic and voodoo! Did you spend time there for your research?
JW: Yes! My family and I went to NOLA last year for Spring Break. We did lots of “research” on food, especially the beignets. But we also visited the voodoo museum, rode on the trolley, did cemetery tours, walked through the Garden District, etc. I took lots of pictures and just absorbed the unique culture and atmosphere. The trip provided lots of ideas for settings and other elements. One of the best “business trips” I’ve ever taken, that’s for sure.
Spinecracker: I’ve been fortunate enough to have read GED, and I have to say I was floored. The characters have really come into their own, if you will. As a writer, when you set out to start this series did you know where your characters would end up? Or does it sometimes surprise you as well?
JW: Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed GED. It was a blast to write. Unfortunately, I am not one of those writers who can plot out an entire series before I write the first book. A lot of the story choices have been the result of me fumbling my way through the stories and making discoveries. But it keeps things fresh and interesting. That said, I did have specific goals for Sabina’s character arc from the outset. The plots are developed force her to grow as a character.
Spinecracker: GED somewhat completed a story arc in my opinion…. not to say that everything is entirely wrapped up nice and pretty. What do you have planned for Sabina and the rest of the crew looking forward (that you can tell us)Yes, I did intentionally wrap up a couple of story arcs in GED. But, you’ll notice, I also sewed the seeds for some new arcs. GED represents a big pivot in Sabina’s life. Even as she resolves certain issues, new ones crop up. Kind of like life, right?
JW: It’s tough to discuss what to look forward to because everything that’s coming hinges on things that happen in GED. I can say that Sabina has a lot of challenges in store before the series concludes. And some of the issues you thought were resolved neatly will unravel in surprising ways.

Spinecracker: You consider yourself a “planster” (a little pantser, a little plotter) and I think it’s cool that you “go with the flow”. Do you have any writing rituals to get you in the mood, get the creative juices flowing?

JW: The only ritual is coffee and lots of it. It’s a requirement. Otherwise, every day is a little different. But at the beginning of each book, I do tend to put together a play list for that book to help me focus on the themes I want to explore.
MBW: Is it tough balancing a family with writing, or have you found your “groove”?
JW: Well, it’s easier now that my son is in school full time. Plus I have an incredibly supportive husband, who takes care of laundry and the minutiae of living when I’m under deadline. I won’t say we’ve totally found our “groove” but we make it work. I’ve given up trying to be superwoman.
Spinecracker: I read that you’re planning on ending the series after 5 books. Is that still the case? If so, do you have plans for life after Sabina Kane?
JW:Five books is the plan. I’m getting ready to start the fifth book now, so we’ll see how it goes. There’s a lot of loose ends to tie up. As for after that, I have a new series idea I’m hoping to pitch this summer. It’s scary and exciting to think about leaving Sabina and the gang behind. But I’d rather end the series where I feel it should end than manufacture conflict to keep it going.
MBW: To add to Jessica’s question, can you give us any teasers about upcoming projects or Sabina adventures?
JW: I do have one project I haven’t mentioned much. On April 18, Orbit is releasing a Sabina Kane short story in ebook format. Those who’ve read Green-Eyed Demon will remember that Giguhl’s girlfriend Valva disappeared between books two and three. VIOLET TENDENCIES will tell the story of what happened to Valva. For kindle users, here’s a link to preorder. But it should be out in most ebook formats, so definitely check it out.
MBW: Giguhl has been unlucky in love. Dare we have hope for his love life?
JW: Poor, Giguhl. Unfortunately, Mischief demons don’t do so well with monogamy. It doesn’t help that as Sabina’s minion he’s not really free to pursue a relationship. Only time will tell if the demon will get a love of his own.

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