Interview and Giveaway with Allison Pang!

The lovely Allison Pang, author of A Brush of Darkness was kind enough to stop by the blog and answer a few questions. In addition, she’s offered up a SIGNED copy of A Brush of Darkness to one lucky winner!

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Please welcome Allison to the blog!


My Bookish Ways: For those that haven’t read A Brush of Darkness, can you tell us a bit about it?
Allison Pang: It’s the story of Abby Sinclair, who is pretty much a normal girl, essentially tossed into this mystical world that overlaps our own. Everything she does has political repercussions, but directions are hard to come by and she finds herself struggling to figure out how to manage. When her Faery boss goes missing, Abby is forced to try to find her, joined by a perverted unicorn and a sexy incubus, who may or may not be setting her up.


MBW: Why faeries (as opposed to other supernatural beings)?
AP: As opposed to vampires, you mean? LOL. Vampires (and werewolves) do exist in the world as I’ve written it – in fact it’s very much a Kitchen Sink world as far as that goes. There’s not much that can’t or won’t possibly show up as the series progresses.As far as why faeries in particular, it just seemed to make the most amount of sense. I base some of the world building on the poem of Thomas the Rhymer, which was about True Thomas’ adventure with the Queen of Faerie.


MBW:Did you have any particular inspirations for Abby?
AP: Hmmm. The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. The Chronicles of Narnia. The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Gouge. (yes, unicorns are a common theme here.) Also, the original Little Mermaid tale.


MBW:How did you go from marine biologist to writer? Did you always know you wanted to write?
AP:I did write quite a bit growing up, but I never really went anywhere with it – it was just something I did off and on. I had actually played around with the idea of going to grad school for English as well, but I was very disillusioned with the Creative Writing classes, so I pretty much just gave up writing anything for about twelve years.As far as the Marine Biology goes – I had the degree and ended up working at Ocean Spray for a little bit, and then decided the lower pay wasn’t worth it and moved straight into the tech industry. While working there, I found myself eventually drawn into online Play-by-Post writing games and that led into trying to write for publication.


MBW: Is there anything you absolutely need in order to write?
AP: My netbook really. Music is always nice, but not required. The rest doesn’t matter at all.


MBW: Do you have a plan on the number of books you’d like to write in this series?
AP: Actually…no. I enjoy writing the smut scenes – they’re actually pretty easy for me, since I can just focus on the two characters at hand. If they’re having a good time, I’m having a good time. LOL. Hell, sometimes I’ll write smut scenes for fun (that never show up anywhere) just because it’s a great way to see how characters react to each other.


MBW:I just have to ask about Phineas! What is the inspiration for that foul mouthed, horny, WoW playing little unicorn?

AP: Phineas was directly inspired by two of my cats – one which used to always burrow in my underwear drawer when she was a kitten and the other who currently still runs around dragging my bathroom towel around the house and humps it. (Ewww.) As far as why a unicorn – I adore unicorns, but I liked the idea of writing a sort of anti-unicorn. I had run a similar character in one of the above mentioned PbP games, although he was larger and even more obnoxious! When it came to giving Abby a companion, it seemed like a good fit, although he wasn’t supposed to talk…which obviously flew out the window about half way through the book, so I just ran with it.


MBW:When you’re not writing, and juggling a family, how do you like to unwind?
AP: WoW. 😉 I used to do a lot of RPG/MMORPG gaming actually, but I don’t have much time for that. Same with Cross Stitching. These days, I just try to sneak in my own reading time as I can, with the occasionally all-nighter bouts of WoW, but most of my free time is involved with writing.
MBW: Finally, can you give us a little teaser of what’s in store for Abby in your next novel?

AP: Book 2 will pick up about six months after the events of BoD. Abby will be moving into her position of TouchStone to the Protectorate with greater confidence and a better ability to deal with the next run of issues. She’ll find out a bit more about her family as well.We’re going to see many of the same characters, but also some new ones – including Moira’s brother (Taliver). The elven prince will have a major role to play in this book. Brystion will be there as well, though not as much as he’d like. 😉

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    This is the second interview I read from this author this morning and I have to say, I'm really intrigued by the whole anti/pro unicorn thing.

  2. Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)

    I enjoyed A BRUSH OF DARKNESS, but I'm still mulling over the ending. I will be getting book 2, though! It was a fun and creative world and the touchstone idea was pretty cool.

    Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)

  3. Thank you for the interview and giveaway!
    I find it interesting how authors often don't know how many there will be in the series etc. l love how open it all is!

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    I can't wait for the second book in the series.

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    Great giveaway! i haven't read this yet but I would love too! Thanks!

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    Anywho, stopping by as part of Friday Follow; have a great weekend!


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