REVIEW-Need by Carrie Jones

Need by Carrie Jones
Publisher: Bloomsbury (YA)
Source: Purchased


Pixies, weres, and teen hotties, OH MY!! And the pixie dust…ohhhh, the pixie dust.

After Zara’s stepdad passes away, she is sent to stay with her step-grandma, Betty, in the icy little Maine town of Bedford. She’s been so depressed that her mom is hoping the change of scenery will do her some good. Then there’s that mysterious man that follows her allll the way from Charleston…

Sounds familiar, right? Of course it does! Very Twilightish (brooding teen girl moves to icy, woodsy, northern town and supernatural hijinks ensue). That’s pretty much where the similarity ends, though, and I do not mean to imply, in any way, that the author took her ideas from Twilight. As you get into the story, you realize why this is a necessary set up, and I can’t imagine it any other way.  

Zara is a very likeable girl, maybe a little idealistic, but then, so was I at that age *sigh*, and she has a preoccupation with phobias. For me, this was a really fun part of this book! Each chapter starts off with a new phobia and its definition, and Zara likes to recite them in her head when she’s feeling nervous or scared, as a coping mechanism. You’ll swoon for the smoldering Nick (Zara does), and fall in love with Devyn and the fidgity, sweet Issie. Zara’s Gram and various other characters round out a very nicely written supernatural tale. I appreciate that the author didn’t go with the usual supes in this one, instead choosing to focus on a race of fae that you just don’t see mentioned all that often, except for maybe as a side note. And these ain’t your momma’s Pixies, oh no. Creepy, shadowy, and scary are three words that come to mind. I loved the world that Carrie Jones created, and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!
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