Review: Glimmerglass by Jenna Black

Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker #1) by Jenna Black
Publisher: St. Martins (Macmillan)
Source: Purchased
Faeriewalker Series/YA

It’s all she’s ever wanted to be, but it couldn’t be further from her grasp…

Dana Hathaway doesn’t know it yet, but she’s in big trouble. When her alcoholic mom shows up at her voice recital drunk, again, Dana decides she’s had enough and runs away to find her mysterious father in Avalon: the only place on Earth where the regular, everyday world and the captivating, magical world of Faerie intersect. But from the moment Dana sets foot in Avalon, everything goes wrong, for it turns out she isn’t just an ordinary teenage girl—she’s a Faeriewalker, a rare individual who can travel between both worlds, and the only person who can bring magic into the human world and technology into Faerie.

Soon, Dana finds herself tangled up in a cutthroat game of Fae politics. Someone’s trying to kill her, and everyone seems to want something from her, from her newfound friends and family to Ethan, the hot Fae guy Dana figures she’ll never have a chance with… until she does. Caught between two worlds, Dana isn’t sure where she’ll ever fit in and who can be trusted, not to mention if her world will ever be normal again…

I began this book already a huge fan of Jenna Black’s Morgan Kingsley series, so I had high expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed!  Dana, 16,  is a Faeriewalker, which means she can carry magic out of Faerie and technology in to Faerie. When Dana runs away from her alcoholic mother to join a father she’s never met, in a magical place on the edge of Faerie called Avalon, she realizes just how rare and valuable she is and just how far some will go to use her powers for their own gain.

I really liked Dana. She had just the right amount of teenage snark and also a toughness that came from a lifetime of having to be the “grownup” and take care of her mom. Ethan provided a handsome and intriguing love interest, although I have to admit that I have a wee crush on Finn (hey, I’m 34, I like ’em a little older), and you’ll enjoy following Dana and an interesting cast and characters as Dana finds herself an unwitting pawn in Faerie politics. I’ll definitely look forward to getting my hands on Shadowspell!


  1. The Slowest Bookworm

    I just ordered this book a couple of days ago. It sounds great and I enjoyed reading your review. I hope I enjoy it as much as you did!

  2. Great review! I love the cover of this one so I'm glad to hear that what's inside is good as well. I'll have to get a copy sometime soon.

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